What you need to consider when choosing a Memorial Mason

You may wish to use a memorial mason recommended by a family member or friend, you may feel you would like to look around. Whatever you feel comfortable with it is advisable to use one that specialises in memorial masonry. They will be able to show you different types of stone and granite and give you reliable advice as to whether the stone you are choosing is suitable for the design you require and for the area in which it is to be erected. Weather, pollution and surrounding vegetation can have an effect on the material of your choice.

namm-logoMembers of The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) are bound by strict Codes of Business and Working Practice and, should a dispute unfortunately arise, by the findings of a free and objective Conciliation and Arbitration Service.

All members must have both Public Liability Insurance and Employee Liability Insurance.

NAMM masons erect memorials to The NAMM Code of Working Practice, the nationally accepted industry standard, to ensure the safe fixing of memorials and will issue a Certificate of Compliance on completion.

By choosing a NAMM member you are assured that you have the knowledge and skill of a memorial mason at your disposal and the added support of a National Association